Email Marketing

A successful email marketing campaign requires finding the right balance between relevant and timely updates and ensuring customers aren’t being inundated and ultimately treating your communications as spam. Our team are on hand to help you create and plan effective email campaigns that keep your audience switched on.

The key to this is analysing the data you have available to you and manipulating it in a manner that provides a strategy for maximum customer engagement. Our highly skilled team are there to ensure you can understand this data, formulate a strategy and generate an automated output.

Whether it’s transactional emails, newsletters or abandoned basket campaigns, many aspects can contribute to the success of an email campaign. From a brand perspective, the email needs to look a certain way which is true to your brand. Layout, design themes and the content itself are all vital when it comes to constructing an engaging email.

Our highly skilled email marketers will assist you in understanding your key KPI’s, achieving them and creating the ideal dashboard to oversee your progress.

Email Services


Transactional emails are triggered by a specific action carried out by a site visitor, such as a purchase or service request. They ensure customers receive the best possible customer service and can result in increased brand loyalty.


Push messages out to your customers and subscribers, rather than waiting for them to come to you. Newsletters are highly measurable, allowing you to see who has opened, clicked and gone to purchase so that you can segment your database accordingly.


When looking for ways to acquire new customers, don’t overlook the need to retain current customers at a lower cost per acquisition. Personalised emails are one of the best ways to re-engage and are proven to be more effective than non-personalised.


Communicate with and re-engage customers in real-time with conversion focused and automated emails. Basket abandonment emails encourage customers to come back and finish their purchase.

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