Google Ads

Online advertising is more accessible now than ever, allowing brands to promote products to a broad market reach. It enables you to ensure you reach your core audience when they’re searching online.

Google’s Ad Suite enables you to choose, pursue and track specific engagements that are important to your business, including sales, lead generation, brand awareness, content views, phone calls and more.

The core areas of Google Ads include:


Google’s core marketing platform allows you to use targeted keywords to show adverts to potential customers. Operating on a “cost per click” model, you only pay when a user clicks your ad and views your landing page. We can help you control the bids of the specific keywords that are important to your business and generate the best return on ad spend.

The key elements of any search campaign include choosing the right keywords, an effective bidding strategy, and writing detailed, compelling ads.


An alarming 95% of users leave a website without purchasing. Google Display acts as a branding or remarketing tool and enables you to show your ads across millions of websites part of the Google display network.  Using Google’s sophisticated targeting methods, you can place tailored ads on relevant websites, increasing your online exposure and providing another way to convert users.


With the lowest cost per click compared to Search, Display or Shopping, Video is Google’s most cost-effective advertising platform. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and reaches more millennials than prime time television. Promote a tailored and targeted message to your audience before or during content that is similar to your business.

YouTube gives the user the option to skip your content if it’s not relevant,  providing 5 seconds of free exposure at the very least.


Google’s online comparison service gives you the ability to display your product inventory to users who are looking to make a purchase. Using the product information from your website, Google shows potential customers the information they require to make a purchase (image, price, title, product description and even delivery costs) before you pay for them to visit your website. Shopping is Google’s most effective channel in generating additional sales for your business.

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