Google Optimize

Google Optimize goes above and beyond targeting and testing and focuses on customer personalisation. The standard testing procedure for most websites was previously split testing; however, with Google Optimize, you can now use all channel data to generate greater personalised experiences. Ensuring you target the right content to the right person, by using the spread of data to its full potential.

The tool integrates with Google Analytics for quick and easy identification of areas of your site which can be improved. Utilising complex methods known as Bayesian Statistical to model real-world performance of your experiments, it ensures the results you receive are incredibly accurate. Advanced targeting is also used to ensure the right experience is deployed to customers when required.

Its primary purpose is to group multiple tools into one all-purpose tool that can cover various aspects of your website. Ultimately, leading to more straightforward setup, advanced targeting and reporting and the ability to apply findings faster due to less tool overload. Google Optimize data allows you to oversee your loyal customers, and oversee data such as how many times a particular customer has been to your site, their purchases and geo-location.

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