Google Tag Manager

As a Google certified partner, we have been vetted by Google to support many of their tools including Google Tag Manager. Since its launch in 2012, it has attracted users faster than any other tag manager solution and is estimated to be used by 22% of all websites.

Google Tag Manager is designed to be easy to use; however, our qualified team of experts are on hand to ensure a hassle-free setup and to support you with its facilities. We can assist with any scenario including from scratch installation, one-off projects or reviewing existing configurations.


  • Simple and fast tag deployment
  • Advanced functionality, rules, testing, debugging and secure user permissions
  • The ability to use the Google Tag Manager interface to insert tags
  • Automatic event detection with no modification to the page source code
  • Supports tags from most other vendors
  • Works on mobile websites and apps
  • SLA for Google Analytics 360 customers

The number of users utilising Google Tag Manager is rapidly increasing as retailers discover the gains in speed and reduction in IT resources it offers. It’s heavily integrated with other Google tools such as Analytics, Ads and DoubleClick Campaign and Bid Manager, and using a combined integration of the Google Tools can ensure you are maximising your websites potential through various capacities.

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