Intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400% (Forbes). At AYKO, we firmly believe you only get one shot at a first impression, and frictionless user experience is key to making it a great one. To maximise user happiness and in-turn increase conversion on your website, we offer a host of UX and CRO packages.

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Best practice on the web is continually evolving – how the user behaved two years ago is different from how they behave today or tomorrow. Our complete end-to-end audits will look at page speed and access and usability compliance of your current web solution. We’ll map our findings against core best practice methodologies and competitors across the web. The audit findings will enable you to fully understand how the user feels when engaging with your website and how you can better tailor their experience and convert them to customers.


The design thinking document is entirely bespoke to each customer. Our UX experts will identify your concerns during a kick-off call and use the statistical tools at their disposal to plot any test criteria and collect the data needed. With this insight, AYKO will generate several potential solutions to the problems at hand. Before then supplying you with a document of wireframed solutions that are the building blocks to increased conversion and user happiness.


Utilising Google Optimize, Google Analytics and other statistical aggregation tools, the UX team can identify the drop off points and friction zones within the user flow on your website. With light-touch design and code enhancements, we’ll A/B test potential solutions that will aid conversions and other performance improvement indicators. A report is generated with a breakdown of the results, providing a data-backed blueprint for website enhancements. Eliminating assumptions and delivering data-driven results that will increase conversion across your website.

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